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The purpose of this domain is to educate patients who have knee problems. We shall try to answer questions about knee problems and how the orthopaedic community usually treats those problems. Of course one must realize that the information we shall give is based upon orthopaedic published literature, and is not the only way the medical problem can be treated.

Due to the fact that we are unable to examine your knee there is nothing that we can offer you in the way diagnoses, treatment or recommendations, other than to please make an appointment to be examined by an Orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in surgery of the knee. If you are not happy with the doctor's view, ask for another consultation. If your request is not respected, seek another orthopaedic surgeon.

As similar questions are received repeatedly, those questions and our answers will be listed under a separate section titled, FAQ&A (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers).

Please read the following very carefully. Hackers can very easily intercept the information that you e-mail to us about your problems. Therefore, your information to us cannot be considered private and or privileged between a doctor and a patient.

We must remind you that we do not establish doctor patient relationships through the web or through E-mail. Our answers to your questions via e-mail about your orthopaedic problems are not to be considered as diagnoses or treatments.

This website will assist you in obtaining information about knee problems, both through the information we can provide to you and via links to other websites which we have selected for their effectiveness.



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